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Customer interaction monitoring

Cognitive View monitors customer and employee interactions to help firms meet compliance, reduce conduct risk and improve customer experience.

Real-time compliance monitoring

Analyze customer and employee conversations for real time compliance 

Reduce compliance and conduct risk with real-time monitoring
Reduce customer churn and complaints
Reduce fraud while supporting hybrid work

Improving customer satisfaction

Identify customer concerns and complaints early
Resolve customer complaints faster and more efficiently
Prevent complaints escalation and conduct risk related to complaints

Customer and employee conversation analysis

Analyze customer and employee conversations for real time compliance 

Leverage out of of the box regulatory obligations and policy templates
Leverage 80+ pre-integrated communication channels
Leverage 170+ AI domains across voice, video and text based channels
Hundreds of  machine learning patterns for compliance, conduct risk, customer experience including complaints

Get access to premium licensed videos, photos and gifs

Access a library of icons, videos, photos and gifs by the best creators in the world in one centralized place for all design needs for your entire team.

A modern approach to compliance that leaves no gaps.

Reduce operational risk and deliver excellent customer experience at the same time
No more siloed compliance and customer experience objectives. Instead, CognitiveView automates the first line controls with an end-to-end solution built for speed and collaboration.

Select policies
Select or create obligations and policies that need to be monitored
Automate monitoring
Select and automate supervision for the communication channels that needs to be monitored
Actionable insights
Incident and breach management for review and reporting
Compliance & CX domains
Communication channels
Marketplace listing
Languages supported

Cognitive View integrates with all major contact centre and collaboration channels

Everything you need to automate compliance and conduct risk monitoring