Muve Case Study

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“Cognitive View allowed us to improve quality and compliance, ultimately improving customer experience in our engagement."


Assistant Manager, Client services

Business Challenge

Customer experience, complaints, and agent performance are significant challenges for Muve as they lose customers and incur reputational risk. Post-pandemic, in the new world of remote work, with an explosion of new working tools and channels, there has never been a greater need to understand digital communications. But the volume of data that needs monitoring has increased massively.

Muve employs supervisors who listen to the calls or manually review employee activities against compliance policy requirements, customer experience, and complaints. But they could only review 3% of the communications because of the sheer volume.


Cognitive View automated the manual review process by analyzing call centers against companies' policies and regulatory requirements. As a result, it could detect misconduct, complaints, and customer experience consistently. In addition, it helps predict conduct risk and provides early warning for the firm to take necessary preventive measures.

The solution helped Muve to automate controls at the first line of the risk function and have a single place to understand all policies and compliance against them.


Customer Complaints

Quality Assurance

Compliance Gap


Drive better customer experience

Significant cost reduction

Improve agent performance and compliance




Cost Reduction


Reduction in Manual Review


Reduction in Complaints

Everything you need to automate compliance and conduct risk monitoring