Risk Management Software for Finance

Cognitive View automates financial service compliance so you can reduce cost, drive revenue, and build trust through continuous monitoring and assurance. Eliminate spreadsheets and time-consuming tasks for streamlined audits.

FINRA compliance solutions

We help you maintain FINRA & financial service laws compliance by continuously monitoring omnichannel communication channels and notifying you if there is an incident or breach.

Leverage hundreds of out-of-the-box regulatory policies and controls and consistently monitor them uniformly across all channels.

Key Benefits

Significant cost savings with automation of manual review 
Proactive compliance and conduct risk management
Drive better customer experience
Build your own compliance policies



Market Conduct





Sales & Advise

Post-sales & Support

Underwriting & Policy Management

Claims Management

Complaints Management

Financial services compliance

We connect with, monitor, and help configure your customer and employee conversations to be financial services compliant.

Key Benefits

Monitor 80+ communication channels including for voice, video and text
Review incident and breach through our dashboard with associated risk scores and details

Real-time breach reporting

Everything you need to automate compliance and conduct risk monitoring