State-of-the-Art Communication Monitoring

With remote work and omnichannel customer engagement, communication monitoring has become critical to meeting compliance.

Cognitive View’s AI-based communication monitoring can help reduce compliance breaches and improve quality.

With real-time incident and breach reporting, the risk of getting fined and reputational damage can be avoided.

An end-to-end Compliance Monitoring platform

Contact Centre
Collaboration Channels
Email & Chatbot
Policy management
Out-of-the-box obligations and policy templates supporting complete customization requirements. It also supports entire obligation and policy life cycle management,
Compliance Monitoring
Compliance, and quality monitoring for voice, video, and text-based communication channels
Incident & Breach reporting
Actionable insights for proactive remediation, audit, and reporting

What to monitor

Configure what you need to comply by selecting out-of-the-box obligations and policies.

Cognitive View provides hundreds of pre-trained AI models that understand global regulatory requirements and behavior patterns to support conduct requirements

How to monitor

Select the communication channels that need to be monitored and define the risk and performance criteria.

When there is an issue

Customize workflows to receive alerts and actionable insights via email and SMS

Cognitive View integrates with all major contact centre and collaboration channels

Everything you need to automate compliance and conduct risk monitoring