Complaints Co-pilot

AI virtual assistant for the customer complaints management

A complaint management co-pilot has a deeper understanding of customer complaints.

It works like a virtual assistant anticipating the needs of customers and providing insights to the complaint resolution team for faster and fair complaint resolution,essentially offloading many of the repetitive and tedious daily tasks required daily.

Support complaint resolution team to drive better customer experience with faster complaint resolution.

Resolve complaints faster
AI assistant to help the customer complaint management team to spend less time on repetitive, monotonous activities.
Prevent escalation & meet compliance
AI-based complaint analysis to support faster decision-making by learning from similar complaints and best practices.
Customer value creation
Free up time to turn complaints into an opportunity to focus on customer value creation.

The complaints co-pilot assists in the complaint resolution process by prompts organized in the below ways

Help me to understand the complaint

I want to understand the top reason for the complaint.

Complaints are either lodged via a call center, social media, ticketing system, or website, which is unstructured format and hard to understand. Complaints co-pilots interpret complex unstructured texts and provide a summary and observation of the top reasons why the customer is complaining.

Help me to resolve the complaint

I want to find similar complaints or resolution approaches.

Understand the key considerations I need to make in resolving a complaint of this specific nature.

Help me to respond to this complaint

I want to respond to the customer with this resolution approach.

Create a response for the customer or ombudsman that might even be adjusted to a set of pre-existing templates or the right tone for the customer.

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