Insurer Conduct Risk Management

Cognitive View monitors customer interactions to help Insurers meet compliance, reduce conduct risk, and improve customer experience. In addition, it proactively detects fraud and disputes through the claims process.

Sales process supervision

Automate the supervision process to drive more sales while staying compliant

Manage underwriting risk by ensuring that the right questions are asked
Ensures product disclosure requirements are met correctly
Reduces misconduct and compliance failure in the sales process
Recommendations to drive better sales 

Customer satisfaction in claims

Enable straight-through processing for simpler claims lodgement. Drive seamless customer experience by

Learn about customer concerns and disputes
Prevent complaints escalation
Support claims process compliance
Improve customer experience

Fraud detection in claims

Configurable policy framework to configure fraud policies
Out-of-box fraud behavior patterns

Incident and breach reporting

Incident and breach reporting
Remediation workflow that is customizable 
Conduct risk framework for board report and improve culture
Regulatory reporting

Everything you need to automate compliance and conduct risk monitoring