Complaints Monitoring

Customer concerns and complaints

Go beyond sentiment and tone to get a deeper understanding of customer concerns and complaint patterns from customer communication channels.

Get deeper insights on first call resolution for all customer inquiries with an omnichannel engagement.

Complaint industry insights

Determination search is an intelligent search capability that allows companies to learn from similar complaints and understand industry-specific ombudsman’s findings, issues, and approaches to resolution. It uses natural language processing and analytics to uncover previous determinations and retrieves specific answers to your questions.

Trend analytics provides past and emerging complaint patterns, top compliance issues, and industry trends.

Industry benchmark allows you to compare & benchmark complaints & process gaps against the industry peers or product lines to identify systemic risks, improvements made, and opportunities for improvement.

Currently supports Australia (AFCA) and USA ombudsman (CFPB).

Complaint escalation management

Helps firms improve complaint resolution efficiency by reducing the volume of complaints escalating from IDR (internal dispute resolution) to EDR (external dispute resolution).

It also enhances complaint resolution quality & consistency throughout complaint management processes, improving customer fairness and financial inclusivity in the dispute resolution process.

Everything you need to automate compliance and conduct risk monitoring