Legal Service Providers

Cognitive View monitors customer interactions to help legal service providers to drive excellent Trustpilot score and meet compliance

Customer Experience & Compliance Monitoring for Legal Service Providers

Trustpilot allows customers to share their feedback for the services they have received. Trustpilot score is a critical factor in why customers choose a provider and ultimately drives more sales.

Listening to customer feedback is essential to operating a better score and, ultimately, better engagement.

Automate compliance monitoring
Automate monitoring forregulations from USA, UK, Australia and Europe
Automate complaints monitoring
AI-based complaint monitoring and complaints register to managecomplaints and prevent escalation to legal ombudsman bodies.
Automate Customer experience monitoring
A-based customer experience monitoring contact center, email andchat interactions.

Omni-channel communication monitoring for calls, emails, and social media engagements to proactively mitigate risk.

Help me to understand the regulations

Obligations and policy register to understand the regulatory requirements and the change management. This also provides a platform to maintain all company policies and standards.


Monitor omnichannel communicationin cluding voice, video, and text based customer engagement channels in a single platform for oversight loan officers agents engaging with customers.

Risk based supervision allows prioritization high risk compliance requirements for loan

Review & Audit

Review the incident and breach to train the staff for better customer support skills and improve product and services based on feedback.

Everything you need to automate compliance and conduct risk monitoring